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The Summer Ball at Lamerton

The first 'Strictly Social' Ball was held at the Community Centre in Lamerton on August 17th.

We think it was a huge success and would like to thank everyone who came along and enjoyed the dancing and entertainment.

Talking of which, another huge thank-you to Mike, Trudy, Robert, Juliet, Brenda, Martin, Karen and Tim (you know who you are !!) for providing us with the cabaret in the form of a skit called "If I were not a Ballroom Dancer" - which due to the extremely "enthusiastic" performances, turned out to be great fun to watch.

Yet another huge thanks to everyone who provided some really mouthwatering food for the "American Supper".

Oh, and of course thanks to everyone who helped set up and dismantle the 'Stage' on the night. The setup for an event like this is fine - if a little stressful, but the dismantling of everything after a evening of dancing etc, isn't prospect one relishes. Without all the help we had, it really would have been an all night task !

We did have many more people than expected, and apologies if the floor was a little crowded at times and the seating a little cramped.

Both Nathalie and I would love to turn the Ball into a sort of regular-ish event - say a social dance every quarter yearly. We would love to get your feedback about the night and also if you think a regular dance would be a good idea, providing we would get enough of you to attend of course !!

We were very fortunate to get Lamerton Hall, which is a really lovely hall in a lovely setting, As mentioned earlier, it is a little smaller than ideal - probably the comfortable limit for Ballroom dancing is around 40. If anyone out there knows of a equally nice venue, but a little larger then please get in touch.

Thanks again to you all for such a good evening...

Terry and Nathalie

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